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Poke Weed Berries 24" x 24"

Seed Play
 The Seed Play series began in 2008 with my fascination in the unique architecture of tree seeds. The seeds are metaphors for the richness of life's maturity. Trees are visible and well loved symbols of the cycles of life. Additional work in the series can be seen on my website: 

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Redbud Leaves and Seeds 4" x 6"
Beauty of a Berry 24" x 24"

Kousa: A New Dogwood's In Town 36" x 36"

Mockingbird's Larder 36" x 36"

Echoes of Tulip's Summer 36" x 36"

Winter Fruit 38" x 26"

Teasel Twilight 36" x 24"

Teasel Morning 36" x 24"