Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue Copper Butterfly - A New Experiment

Tried my hand with doing a butterfly yesterday. Creating this 6 inch square was a full day of work including some of the work done by my intern, Callie. It was terrific to have some company and assistance in the studio. Callie used some photographs to create the pencil drawing I used to create the piece.

A bit of hand stitching marks the body and puts the white dots on the antennae. Love the dots!

Once I began looking at the butterfly, it is amazing how many different blues there are on it.

Thanks for reading, and if you have time and inclination, please leave a comment. Comments help me know that I am not talking to myself.



  1. Pretty wee piece, Nancy!

    Thought of you when I read this post from Elaine Quehl (scroll down to see white work embroidery...)


    1. Thanks, that is a very interesting series that Elaine posted.

  2. No, you aren't "talking to yourself"...I have always loved seeing your work, especially the in progress pictures! But love seeing all of your work. This is quite a delicate piece...

  3. Lovely departure from your "usual" work Nancy-refreshing, delicate and beautiful! I have you on my reader so I always read your posts.

  4. Thanks, Jenny. nice to know.

  5. love the butterfly -- it seems like a sort of natural progression from the very detailed plant work to the companion "animal" life