Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where Did My Parsley Go?

Late this afternoon, I went to the deck to take some photos of recent embroidery work and noticed that my parsley mainly consisted of stems, few parsley leaves were in view.

If the deck were not on the second story, I would assume it were the dang blasted %*##?! deer who eat everything to the point that I only try growing plants on our deck.

Here is what I found.

Notice the stems in the top of the photo. Once I figured out the dang blasted deer had not climbed up the deck steps to strip my parsley I knew what it had to be: a caterpillar- specifically for the Black Swallowtail butterfly.

Here is a close up:

Isn't h/she beautiful? It is nearing maturity when it reaches this color. Love the stripes and the yellow dots are just too much!  But the plant is unlike to keep this one going until it is time for it to become a pupa. I am going to buy some parsley tomorrow.

Do you like butterflies? how about caterpillars? 



  1. In the photo, Nancy, s/he's a cute wee critter...but I prefer the butterfly state!

  2. Me too, but this is one cute critter!

  3. Love butterflies, don't mind caterpillars as long as they are not big green ones in the coleslaw! Our native butterflies and moths tend to be more on the subtle sided, except we do get Monarch butterflies and their caterpillars look a little like the one above.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I keep a butterfly garden chuck full of flowers that they love and I have seen up to 10 different kinds throughout the summer months. But strangely I have never run across the caterpillars or seen a chrysalis. Two years ago I did see a caterpillar for a Luna moth. They are massive and it did some serious eating on my river birch tree. Most times I love critters, just not fond of the ones that make it inside my house! Nancy

  5. I've loved caterpillars since I was a kid -- we used to find ones that become the cecropia moth in my grandfather's apple tree -- we brought several into the house to "over winter" in gallon glass jars and let them free in the spring -- just beautiful creatures

  6. I grow extra parsley, cilentro, and dill just for these guys. I've watched the Black Swallowtail Butterfly find the right plants, lay the eggs and then flutter off. Several days later ~ there they are ~ the green munching machines!