Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Love Affair - And My Husband Approves

American Beech Tree Seed Pod and Seeds

I have fallen in love with tree seeds.
Isn't this American Beech seed pod funny? I love the little curly spikes on the outside of the pod and the exquisite little three-sided seeds. A pair of seeds is in each pod, just waiting to fall to the ground. I used this seed pod for inspiration along with leaves and stems in two quilts that can be viewed on my website http://nancygcook.com/ under Seed Play. One is Summer Split and the other is Parallels.


This interesting plant has a cone that does not look like a cone at all. The stems and needles are covered with triangular scales. This is a ground cover dwarf found in front of the local Barnes and Noble. Creating these scales with thread and stitch was a great deal of fun. My quilt, Juniperus, was inspired by these features.

A Branch of Crepe Myrtle Seed Pods

These seeds are just about my favorite. Their wonderful forms are so lovely, with great shadows and curves. And check out the cap on the top of the seed pod. They are a delight to work in fabric and threads. My quilt, Late Summer Dawn, was inspired by these curious little seed pods.

The many strategies that trees have developed for reproducing are fascinating. Spores, seeds dispersed by wind or animals, fruits, all depend on another force to help disperse the next generation. Many of the forms are intricate and as beautiful as flowers. In the case of trees, the seeds may be more interesting and at least more visible than the flowers.

These are three of my favorites that I have used in quilts.

I hope that you enjoy these lovelies.

Contest Results and Three Deciduous Holly Branches

Three Deciduous Holly Branches

Thanks to Sue Andrus and Karoda for entering the contest. Sue wins for getting the best entry in first. And Karoda wins a second place for adding to the explanation of how this piece conveys the economic driver that separates people in the city of Charlotte. Sue gets the hand dyed shibori fabric promised and Karoda will get a second prize of another piece of hand dyed fabric. All I need are addresses of where to send. You folks did such a good job that everyone else must have been scared off from entering. Thanks for taking part. And to others, check out their excellent blogs and websites. I guarantee that they are fascinating.

I finished the piece, Three Deciduous Holly Branches, and delivered it yesterday so it becomes the property of Crossroads Charlotte. Will be interesting to see what they are going to do with the art completed by the 12 artists.

Right now I am drooling over the Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies catalogue dreaming about what to do with the $150 gift certificate that each artist got from Cheap Joe’s. Inks, paints, easel, canvases, sketch pads? Yummy!

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