Friday, March 11, 2011

Don Scores His First Solo Show

Don hung his first solo exhibition on Saturday and sold a piece from the show at the opening on Sunday. Great start for his first solo. Great beginning to a nice weekend.

This is the left front wall. The mask second from the right was bought by art collectors who made sure to get to the exhibition at first opening to make their selection. It is The Keeper of the Ancient Stories. It was one of my favorites, it will be missed.

All of Don's creations have their own story that relates who they are and their function in the tribe. They speak to him and tell him their story as he creates them.

The work here is on the right front wall.

You can see better photos of his work on his website at

Here are the back walls.

Here are several close ups. The circular one is the Spirit Guide. The pair of photos are actually a pair - a mask and the story of the mask in a collage format. The next two are The Next Fire Shaman and Song Spirit.

Don has been really successful selling his work and they have primarily been sold out of his studio -- and our living room. It will be interesting to see what more happens at this first exhibition.

The exhibition committee at Community Church UU in Chapel Hill NC did a terrific job in laying out the exhibition. They are a very talented and dedicated group led by Marni Goldshlag.

The exhibition will hang through the last Sunday of April and can be seen during the weekday by going to the church office, and on Sundays during and following church services.