Monday, September 26, 2011

Fiber Art Options at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Fiber Art Options will open an exhibition at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens on Saturday October 1 that runs until early November. There will be multiple pieces from each of our seven members. The work is inspired by photos taken in the garden last fall.

Much of the work will be for sale, and cards and other items will be for sale in the gift shop. Please come check us out.

I have been creating this piece and another new piece for the exhibition. The poke berry is one of my favorite plants with great architectural form, wonderful dark purple berries that the birds love and big dramatic leaves that can turn a great color in the fall. The stems holding the berries really are red.

I will be giving a workshop on Saturday November 5 on my techniques of creating designs inspired by nature and the tools I use to get them onto cloth.