Sunday, June 19, 2011

Burr Oak Coming Along, GYST Software

The cap is now surrounding the acorn. Just the top of the cap and stem to do.

The top of the cap is a typical Fibonacci arrangement of pointed scales coming down the cap to the tendrils.

Got some new Fabrico ink pens in this past week. I needed them. Several of the ink colors were exhausted.

Look forward to completing the inking process early next week.

I have a commission with a local hospital that I will begin as soon as this is inked. I plan on quilting this while inking the commission. That will be a challenge to arrange the studio for two production steps being done concurrently.

Thanks to the commission I have been able to finance a part time studio assistant to help with some of the business of the studio. Have uploaded GYST documentation software and getting my quilt business into it. That should make future applications and entries go easier.

Any tips from current users?