Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rose Has Got Some Hips II

Rose Has Got Some Hips II - 8" x 8"

Last fall I collected some seed, berry and fruit specimens for new work. One that I especially liked was a group of rose hips. I am doing a series of small pieces that will be for available for sale at up coming exhibitions and thought these charming rose hips would be perfect for one of them. The little undeveloped rose hip was quite appealing and the bugs had found the leaves a real treat.

You can see a lot of different techniques in the leaves to show depth - for example: overlapping images, shadows, cooler colors in the back, warmer greens in the front. You can read more information on these techniques in earlier posts.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Does She Think She Is - Terrific Film

Pamela Tanner Boll has produced a great documentary of the lives and issues of 5 women artists. Had the opportunity to screen the film this afternoon with 18 other women, many of whom are artists and who ranged from 17 to 79 years of age.

In highly personal, candid sharing of their lives we learned how these artist struggled to create art while nurturing life. As Heather Cabot, of the Huffington Post said: "Boll's film reveals that mothers in the arts...face the very same imbalance in their lives as mothers slogging through 80 hour work weeks to climb the corporate ladder. Artist or not, mothers will be inspired and empowered by Who Does She Think She Is?"

And our group would add that women, mothers or not, will find issues that they can identify with.

My husband originally viewed the film with me and found that many men would also get a lot from the film, in terms of issues for their own lives. I am recommending that another screening be done at our church for both men and women.