Sunday, November 18, 2012

IQA Quilts - Water Inspired

A number of quilts were inspired by water including two that I saw with realistic 3D elements. The above photos are from Holly S. Altman's Tidal Pool: After the Storm. Is it not surprising  that Altman has marine biologist training. I loved the needle lace foam on the shell and the little sea urchins. This was another with an irregular edge that breaks the grid presentation.

Really enjoyed this piece by Linda Steele, called Natural Wonders. Loved the use of a border that framed the piece like an old oil painting, and the careful use of color and imagery to convey the water over the lower left starfish and the rocks on the lower right. This is a large piece, with wonderful dimensionality and depth conveyed with careful choices for sky, background land, stone arch and foreground. Steele really understands ways to convey depth and dimensionality. And then she has added exquisite little details in the foreground to catch the eye and delight the close up viewer. If you have a chance to see this piece in person, check it out carefully.

Carla Stehr created this delight, Moonglow Anemones with an irregular edge. She used organza quite effectively to convey the translucence of the anemone legs.

Pat Durbin created this lovely piece, called Beside the Still Waters, with great depth and intriguing foreground. This was another artwork with small pieced squares to give lots of visual interest.

This photo shows the lovely thread-painted trees on the right side. Her selection of quilting stitches for sky and water is well chosen.

More quilts of interest in my next post.

Let me know, are you bored with seeing an exhibition that is a couple of weeks old at this time?

Thanks for reading.