Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Place Mixed Media at Mint Hill Arts

After The Frost

The quilt above won 1st place in mixed media at the juried and judged art show at Mint Hill Arts last night. Nice to know that what I am doing holds up in a really good art show.

It was particularly exciting because the judges were Regine and Josephine Bechtler. They are part of the Bechtler family who recently gave a $5+ million collection of 20th century art and founded a museum here in Charlotte for the contemporary art collection to reside.

The show will be up through July 1. I regularly have art in this membership gallery. For a small community outside of Charlotte, the quality of shows produced is quite excellent. I have been very pleased with how well my work is received in this gallery.

As one of my goals is to increase the awareness and acceptance of quilts as an art medium, this award feels really special.