Friday, August 17, 2012

What are These?

 Made an interesting find yesterday going through my dear MIL's boxes that we stored after her death. Found a delightful kit that she used for small embroidery projects - take-along work.

You can see many of the contents here. Love the padded bar at the center for storing needles with thread on them. A package of needles was 25 cents.

But the most interesting find were three little balls. They were a type of firm foam about the size of garden peas. I have no idea what they might be or what they would have been used for.

Anyone recognize them or know what they are and what they were used for?

Thanks for any suggestions you have.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Work Getting Underway

Martha Ginn furnished me with a couple of really nice photographs of blueberries. This photo will be inspiration for my next piece. Thanks, Martha!

If you have a plant bud, berry or seed that I should consider, please send me a photo. I work primarily from actual living specimens, but photos are great inspiration. 

Love the way blueberries ripen and show their colors a few at a time, so the artwork can be more interesting than if they all ripened at the same time. That also makes for great additions to cereal over many mornings. I tried growing them in pots on my deck, but it was not successful. The flowers that were on the bushes when I planted them made wonderful berries, but the next crop was frozen out and the plants died out pretty well afterwards. No point trying to plant them in the garden here, we are over run with deer. Or venison on the hoof and I would prefer them.

Thanks for reading,