Friday, August 17, 2012

What are These?

 Made an interesting find yesterday going through my dear MIL's boxes that we stored after her death. Found a delightful kit that she used for small embroidery projects - take-along work.

You can see many of the contents here. Love the padded bar at the center for storing needles with thread on them. A package of needles was 25 cents.

But the most interesting find were three little balls. They were a type of firm foam about the size of garden peas. I have no idea what they might be or what they would have been used for.

Anyone recognize them or know what they are and what they were used for?

Thanks for any suggestions you have.



  1. D'you suppose they once were moth balls but lost their scent?

  2. Margaret,
    Interesting thought. They really seem more like a type of foam. all the moth balls I have seen here in the states are white and these are really a pea green.

  3. Looking at all the ingredients, my conclusion is that they are holly berries-to-be? You know, cover with fabric and sew down to something?