Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Have a Great Time and Reduce Your Stash

Several of the 12 drawers of fabric we went through

Today 5 fabric loving friends came over to help me work on my stash. We measured it and folded it in preparations for selling. Lots of laughter and sharing as the day went on.

My DH fixed us lunch -- chicken, fresh asparagus, vegetable bird nests, and ice cream and biscotti for dessert. Yum.

He topped it off with a tin of his home made chocolates that are to die for.

Everyone got a 5 yard personally selected bundle of fabrics to take home for their efforts. And then they commenced to buying. When they left about 55 yards of fabric walked out the door. YEAAAA!

Another of the 12 drawers
And the best part was that I got to clear out 3 drawers of fabrics I will never use, and we all had a great time. Everyone has volunteered to come back for another Fun Fabric Follies day again.

Two of the beautiful EMPTY drawers

Several of the folks were worried that I was going to regret getting rid of so much beautiful fabric, until I took them for a tour of my studio. We had not touched any of the 6 bins and full closet of fabrics that are in my studio. And each of the bins holds 3 times the fabric of any of the drawers.

We made a great start and set a process for helping me clean house of way too much fabric that I will never use. Next I am going to put it in 1 gallon bags and sell it by the bag. Actually, I will probably invite others to fill the bags for themselves for a flat price per bag.
What a great time. Three empty drawers. Decluttering seems much less overwhelming now. Thanks, dear fabric friends.

Keep quilting,