Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Accomplishments

I have been a member of a Creative Biz group for many years. Each week we share 5 goals for the week and 4 accomplishments for the last week. At the end of the year we summarize our accomplishments and stop to look forward. We find that keeping track of what we are getting accomplished provides energy for doing more and not getting bogged down and focused on our shortcomings.

Lisa Call has shared her list of 100 accomplishments for 2012. I gain courage from her sharing to do the same with you.

Here is what I will share this year. Do you keep track of your accomplishments? Would love to know what you accomplished.

Accomplishments 2012

Exhibitions: 2012-14
NCBG solo exhibition
MoNA ReCOLLections exhibition
Eat Your Art Out – Fund raiser for Packard Place Gallery
NCBG solo exhibition
The Natural World Mockingbirds Larder
Seasonal Palette: Winter Robins’ Feast (traveling exhibition through 2014)
SAQA: Earth Works (traveling exhibition 2014-17)
NC Arboretum exhibition:  2013
Arranged solo exhibition at Maria Howard for 2013
Contract with Caldwell County Arts Centre for 2 person show in May 2013

Publications/ Publicity
In Stitches article
Blog Round Robin on In Stitches article
Article for SAQA journal
NCBG exhibition reviewed on blog
SAQA featured artist for April
Portfolio 19
Seasonal Palette: Winter Robins Feast journal
Article published in SAQA on line magazine

Sales; Donations
Southern Heritage sold for Duke Cancer Center
Sold 2 small  pieces at NCBG exhibition
Sold 2 large pieces - After the Frost and Late Summer Dawn for Levine Cancer Center
Sold 5 quilts- Beauty of a Berry, Pine quilts: 4 coordinated 12 x 12s, 2 coordinated 4x4s
Sold Delectable Blues
Donated September Song to UUCC
Donated Squirrel Food to SAQA Auction
Commission for 12 x 12 Pine Cone
Commission for first clerical stole

Artwork completed
Finished Winter Robins’ Feast
Created 3 pairs of earrings
Finished SAQA donation quilt - Squirrel Food  
Completed Migratory Paths North, and sent with new name: Pathways Home
Completed 6 pieces and framed them (pine pieces from doing the commission on Pine.)
Completed Turkey Feastings
Completed Delectable Blues
10 quilted gifts

Preparation work for new art work
Created 12 sketches for new work
Completed watercolors exercises in journal
Ordered colored pencils for drawing and practicing botanical illustration
Began research on Nature Conservancy projects, developed project plan along with timeline for Earth Works
Designed stole; selected fabrics

Gave hand embroidery workshop

Completed watermarks for web images
SDA/SAQA conference got couple of leads for art consultants doing work in health care industry
Gallery tours of Fiber Philadelphia – one gallery owner receptive
Created proposal for workshop for hospital employees
Bascom Center for the Visual Arts
Completed update of website including new emphasis on commissions
Linked sign up for Mail-chimp newsletter to Website
Contacted Cabarrus Arts Council; sent submission package
5 pieces photographed
Contacted Gift Shop Director at DSBG about small work, cards
Wrote buyer of my SAQA quilt donation
2 proposals created and sent in on 4/6 for doing DVDs for Interweave publishers –

Professional Development
Museum of Modern Art in Raleigh
Imperial Art Centre (Maria V Howard) in Rocky Mount to see Handmade Exhibition
Chapel Hill – saw Ellen Kochansky exhibition
Van Gogh exhibition at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Pearl Fryar garden
Attended Christina Cordova presentation
Nasher Museum to see Calder exhibition – fabulous
Maria V. Howard Galleries to see current exhibitions – assemblages – terrific
Contemporary Museum of Art – pitiful
NC Museum of Art to see El Asante (?) – fabulous
JC Raulson Arboretum and found several great specimens for future work
3 exhibits at Mint
High Museum, Aquarium, botanical Gardens – lots of inspiration
Read design book 
Worked exercises with Botanical Illustration books 
Experimented with new pencil sharpeners; determined sequence for sharpening
Created color pencil charts and Color exercises with pencils
Read 4 botanical illustration books
Took 2 day workshop in inspirations from maps
Completed 3 day workshop on creating 3D fiber objects
Completed day long FAO surface design workshop
Watercolor and sketching Workshop at Random Arts with Jane LaFazio
 Attended 3 Creative Capital training sessions on marketing at ASC Board Room
Updated Portfolio and presented to Heather at Red Sky gallery for feedback
Attended SAQA/SDA conference- Goals – meet people; focus on getting health care sales/commissions; gallery shows-
Attended IQA – dinner on working with art consultants; made contacts; walks through of my work; helped with sales of books with my artwork autographed books, made contacts, had a ball

Working effectiveness
Created small works as created commissions, donations
Tried out blocking table for larger work
Organized photo files
Purchased display equipment
Worked out agreement for use of clerical stole pattern
Wrote up commission contract and submitted it to client
Determined to not participate as vendor at Random Arts art sale this time, make prep for next spring’s sale

Miscellaneous Business
Pulled Healthcare Linked In group information
Completed recommendation for Guggenheim Fellowship for Artists
Researched information on the contact for putting my images on tiles, etc.
Selected photographer for quilt

Researched and selected 2 options for a CCRT for the future
Drawers in bedroom, bathrooms, living room cleaned out
Began plans/actions for DE-acquisitioning of household goods
Cleaned out 2 stuffed bookcases – donated books, clothing, house wares
Worked through 5 boxes in garage; Cleaned 2 shelves in studio
Signed up for new prescription coverage
Advocated for arts in NC and in US Congress
Cleaned out @7000 emails
Began PT for knee