Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seasonal Palette Catalog and My Piece

The Seasonal Palette exhibition was stunning at IQA - Houston. The 37 selected artists were given the challenge of creating an artwork that represented a specific season at a specific size: 78" x 32". The individual quilts can be seen on the SAQA website in the quilts for sale section.

The curators did a magnificent job in selecting which quilt to be next to which quilt to make an elegant flow from one season to another. The quilts were placed on hard panels that elegantly framed each piece and that were
placed in a square with openings on two opposite sides. As you came in from the entrance, the flow of quilts began to the right with spring quilts, that flowed gently into summer quilts. At the opposite entryway, the fall quilts began and then merged into the winter quilts.

For various reasons, including a bad knee, one of the best things to me was the center of the room. Four benches were placed, each facing a different season. In the center of the room was a large draped table with the journals that each of the artists made of their processes. These were spell binding. They were so intriguing with photos and samples of the fabrics and even samples of some of the processes used, that I tried to read them all, but did not quite make it. From what I understand, the journals are being scanned and will be available as an e-book.
Winter Robins' Feast

I had a piece in the winter season, and was thrilled to be in such august company. Every quilt was stunning. And the variety was wonderful which made the job of the curators even more important in getting a highly cohesive exhibition. I blogged on my process earlier, you can see my embroidery work on this blog.

The catalog is hard cover and is worthy of the exhibition. Each quilt is presented full size and with a detail. At the back of the book are photographs of the processes used on a number of the quilts. It is a great buy at $20 and available in the SAQA bookstore.

You can see all the quilts in small icons on the same page. 

Let me know if you want to know more about IQA Festival. Feedback helps me know that I am not talking only to myself!


Friday, November 9, 2012

IQA Photos of Blue Ribbon Prize Winners

I have almost come back down to earth from the 2012 IQA show. There were stunning exhibitions, took lots of photos that I will share.

Here are some of my favorites from the prize winners in the IQA juried and judged exhibition.

 This was the Best of Show. I could never get close enough to get the artist's name or the name of the quilt. Exquisite piecing, quilting and lots of crystals. Even the back was stunning.

You are sure to see the photo published along with name of artist and quilt. *** America, Let it Shine by Sherry Reynolds.

Loved this portrait called Make You Happy by Brigit Aubeso Bell-Lloch. I am in awe of her portrayal of hair.

My Inner Raven is by Cat Larrea. I hope you can see the many colors in the ravens feathers. This was the top prize for miniatures.

The name really captures it. My eyes fairly dance across the surface of this color study.

This was another of the big money prize winners. This lovely piece is by Ruth Powers. I think it actually sold at the show. If not this one, another of Ruth's wonderful pieces in the show did sell. Lucky buyer!

There were lots more wonderful quilts and I will post more photos tomorrow.

Please let me know if you enjoyed these. Feedback helps me feel that I am not just talking to myself!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Push Jewelry Give Away Announcement


You are the winner of the book: Push Jewelry. Congratulations, is is a delight. Just need your address.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Push Print - book Review and Give Away

Push Print is another of the exquisite little books on craft medium published by Lark Crafts. While print is not a form that I am knowledgeable about, the book is stunning.

The letterpress team made up of brothers Jamie and Keith Berger have selected over 30 contemporary print artists to feature in the book. Innovative work with letterpress, screen-printing, xylography, lithography, etching and multimedia and digital approaches push the limits of printing. 

While not versed in this craft form, I found the book very interesting. Anyone knowledgeable about print making is likely to thoroughly enjoy this little jewel in the Push series. 

If you are interested in owning this book, leave a comment on this blog -- look for the comment icon just below this post - with a way to contact you. I will be randomly selected someone to get this book in the mail (USA readers only, sorry) by mid November. Check back to see if you are the one selected.