Friday, November 9, 2012

IQA Photos of Blue Ribbon Prize Winners

I have almost come back down to earth from the 2012 IQA show. There were stunning exhibitions, took lots of photos that I will share.

Here are some of my favorites from the prize winners in the IQA juried and judged exhibition.

 This was the Best of Show. I could never get close enough to get the artist's name or the name of the quilt. Exquisite piecing, quilting and lots of crystals. Even the back was stunning.

You are sure to see the photo published along with name of artist and quilt. *** America, Let it Shine by Sherry Reynolds.

Loved this portrait called Make You Happy by Brigit Aubeso Bell-Lloch. I am in awe of her portrayal of hair.

My Inner Raven is by Cat Larrea. I hope you can see the many colors in the ravens feathers. This was the top prize for miniatures.

The name really captures it. My eyes fairly dance across the surface of this color study.

This was another of the big money prize winners. This lovely piece is by Ruth Powers. I think it actually sold at the show. If not this one, another of Ruth's wonderful pieces in the show did sell. Lucky buyer!

There were lots more wonderful quilts and I will post more photos tomorrow.

Please let me know if you enjoyed these. Feedback helps me feel that I am not just talking to myself!



  1. You're not talking to yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing more, and thank you for posting.

  2. Thanks, Sherrie. Nice to know. Nancy

  3. Nancy, I am enjoying your commentary and the photos from IQF.

  4. I love looking at pictures of other's quilts and nice to hear explanations from someone who's seen them up close and personal.

  5. Thanks, ladies. I will add another post as well.

  6. You're talking to me too. Just stumbled on your blog. Love your comments on the quilts! Do more please. Gail from close by. Rock Hill