Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Google Finding

Googling my name today I found the following linkage. Somewhat old photograph used of Pelton's Rose-Gentian, but really appreciated being covered. Here is the link.

Do you Google your name periodically? What do you find?


Monday, January 30, 2012

Handcrafted: A Juried Exhibition of Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Metal, Wood

The Maria V. Howard Arts Center at the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences in Rocky Mount, NC, opened its Handcrafted: A Juried Exhibition of Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Metal, Wood, an established national juried craft exhibition attracting a variety of traditional, mixed, and new craft media from across the United States on Sunday. The exhibition will run through May 20, 2012.

I am thrilled to have a several pieces in the show. DH and I saw the Handcrafted exhibition last year and were very impressed with the quality of fine craft exhibited. I decided then to enter the competition for this year, knowing that it would be tough but worth it.

The arts center is acquiring a very fine collection of fine art and craft. Some lucky person was awarded Best of Show and a Purchase Award on Sunday. Wish we could have been there to see it.

The three pieces below are in the exhibition.

Teasel Twilight

Poke Weed Berries

Mossy-Cup Oak

If you are near Rocky Mount, NC I hope you can see art work and enjoy the delightful venue. It is about 45 minutes east of Raleigh, NC.

And if you do get there, please let me know what you think.


Winter Robins Feast

I am one of the SAQA artists selected to create a piece for the Seasonal Palette Exhibition due to open at Houston. Each of us submitted ideas and photos of four pieces of our work. Mockingbird's Larder was one of the pieces I submitted and that was the one they asked me to use in creating a new piece for the exhibition.

Our dear friend, George Weir, is taking a photography course and needed subjects for portraits and took the photograph above of me working on Winter Robins Feast. Part of my process is to cut stencils from freezer paper to apply my designs onto the fabric. Often I must cut the stencil while the freezer paper is on the fabric. Below my right hand is a small cutting mat that is between the paper and the fabric.In the photo above, most of the piece is covered with freezer paper except for berries that are being inked.

In much of the US, the arrival of robins marks the spring. Here in Charlotte the robins come in droves to stay for the winter. The mockingbird will find a favorite berry bush and guard it until the berries ripen waiting for the right moment to feast. All too often a flock of robins or cedar waxwings will descend and in a day or two will strip the tree clean of berries. No wonder the mockingbird is such an aggressive creature!