Thursday, June 24, 2010

Edges and Finishes by Campbell-Harding

Edges & Finishes by Valerie Campbell-Harding, Quilters' Resource publications

Campbell-Harding's book is full of design and embellishment ideas that will be enough inspiration for years.
This book is full of eye candy for the art quilter and embroiderer.

Chapters include multiple examples and high level how-to information on a variety of ways to use different finishes. Chapters include: fabric edges, stitched edges, fringes, cords and braids, tassels and suppliers, including on line suppliers.

Examples of the use of the techniques include 3 dimensional pieces, book covers, purses, and journal pages. Most of the work is done on a standard sewing machine, but one with fancy stitches can be used to create wonderfully imaginative work, including doing one's own decorative tapes to be used as finishes, and embellishment. I could use all those 100 + stitches on my Pfaff with these ideas.
Several of the ideas include patterns.

Beaded Book

This book caught my eye. Loved the colors, the decorative beading and the beaded cord ends. Directions for the beading are included. This book is art itself, even if nothing is inside. But wouldn't it be lovely for an artist's portfolio? Be still my beating heart!!


Here is a purse showing a number of the techniques, edges, cording, raw edge fabric, embroidery, tabs, etc. While there are a number of finished works, including bowls and sculpture, there are many more small examples and sketches of ideas in progress and with great variety.

If you are looking for detailed projects and instructions, you may be inspired and frustrated at the same time. If you are looking for something new to do, want to increase your finishing techniques, or want to explore personally creative uses for those pretty embroidery stitches in your machine, I would recommend this book heartily.