Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue Copper Butterfly - A New Experiment

Tried my hand with doing a butterfly yesterday. Creating this 6 inch square was a full day of work including some of the work done by my intern, Callie. It was terrific to have some company and assistance in the studio. Callie used some photographs to create the pencil drawing I used to create the piece.

A bit of hand stitching marks the body and puts the white dots on the antennae. Love the dots!

Once I began looking at the butterfly, it is amazing how many different blues there are on it.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My First Attempts at Contemporary Embroidery

As noted in earlier postings I am enamored with Karen Ruane's work in contemporary embroidery. Having a collection of vintage laces and textiles, and years of experience in embroidery I am trying my hand. Here are photos of my first attempts.

Detail area of work in progress

full size image of work in progress

We are going through our home and getting rid of "stuff". Some of it brings memories of the original lace makers or collectors and seem too precious to simply discard. So finding a way to honor these women of my family seems very special. My thanks to Karen Ruane for the inspiration.

I am thrilled to be taking a class from her this summer called Simply Stitching.

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Karen Ruane Contemporary Embroidery

Here is the contact for Karen Ruane Contemporary Embroidery

It is worth checking out.

Oops, that was her old blog. Now check this one for more recent work and information.


Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Fiber Hobby and Getting Hacked is No Fun

Will have photographs on the next blog about my most recent venture into fiber art. I have signed up for an 8-week on line class with Karen Ruane of Contemporary Embroidery called Simply Stitching. Her work is mesmerizing to someone like me who has collected and inherited vintage lace and textiles for decades. She uses these treasures for the foundation of her embroidery and applique work.

I think I now have a hobby. Since quilting became far more than a hobby, I  have not had one. Seems right to have another form of fiber art for a hobby. Now when I need a vacation from creating in the quilt art media, I can turn to contemporary embroidery.
Well, I have finally gotten my emails back and the contents of my folders. Did not get back my contacts in my contact lists. Bother!!

Also have not been able to send emails from my I Phone since I changed my password even after redoing my password on the I PHone email account. Double Bother!!

The hand stitching I have been doing of evenings does relax me and takes my mind off of the frustrations of getting everything back up and running again. 

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