Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My First Attempts at Contemporary Embroidery

As noted in earlier postings I am enamored with Karen Ruane's work in contemporary embroidery. Having a collection of vintage laces and textiles, and years of experience in embroidery I am trying my hand. Here are photos of my first attempts.

Detail area of work in progress

full size image of work in progress

We are going through our home and getting rid of "stuff". Some of it brings memories of the original lace makers or collectors and seem too precious to simply discard. So finding a way to honor these women of my family seems very special. My thanks to Karen Ruane for the inspiration.

I am thrilled to be taking a class from her this summer called Simply Stitching.

Please leave a comment if you have the time and inclination. Really appreciate comments as they help me understand that I am not just talking to myself.



  1. Intriguing. What are you doing to make the...eggs? Buds? Shells? Protuberances?

  2. Thanks, Margaret.
    They are padded appliques. Not really trying for any realism with these. Just textural interest.

  3. I see some painting of stitched textiles in your future. It would be hard to imagine not adding some of your wonderful paint to these all white textiles. Looks like a meditative process which is always so peace inducing.

  4. Thanks, ladies. Indeed, hand stitching is a meditative process that I find very relaxing. Jeanne, I already do a small amount of hand stitching on my art quilts, and it could well evolve from there. Not sure where it is going. Right now, it is just for my pleasure.
    Thanks for the comments.