Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Fiber Hobby and Getting Hacked is No Fun

Will have photographs on the next blog about my most recent venture into fiber art. I have signed up for an 8-week on line class with Karen Ruane of Contemporary Embroidery called Simply Stitching. Her work is mesmerizing to someone like me who has collected and inherited vintage lace and textiles for decades. She uses these treasures for the foundation of her embroidery and applique work.

I think I now have a hobby. Since quilting became far more than a hobby, I  have not had one. Seems right to have another form of fiber art for a hobby. Now when I need a vacation from creating in the quilt art media, I can turn to contemporary embroidery.
Well, I have finally gotten my emails back and the contents of my folders. Did not get back my contacts in my contact lists. Bother!!

Also have not been able to send emails from my I Phone since I changed my password even after redoing my password on the I PHone email account. Double Bother!!

The hand stitching I have been doing of evenings does relax me and takes my mind off of the frustrations of getting everything back up and running again. 

Please leave a comment if you have the time and inclination. Reading your comments helps me know that I am not blathering to myself.

Thanks for reading,



  1. You're not blathering to yourself - there is at least one person listening! It's no fun reorganising your electronic life. I have a new computer and just consolidating all my files and photos etc is enough hassle - I would hate to be sorting out a hacked one. Enjoy your embroidery.

  2. I came across Karen's blog several weeks ago and have bookmarked it and find her work very pleasing. I occasionally take a look at her most recent work to admire it. Since I'm trying to focus on developing a body of work, I haven't ventured into her realm. Sadly, not enough time in a day. I'll look forward to seeing your work with it. I hope you post photos of it. Enjoy.

  3. Sorry that getting hacked has been so troublesome for you Nancy. The course sounds great. I am starting to. Get interested in stitching myself, as a supplement for some of my quilts.

  4. What a huge hassle Nancy! You seem to be handling it well-I would be out of my mind! I'm intrigued by your foray into contemporary embroidery-you'll give us a peek?

  5. Hi Nancy,

    So glad you are recovering from having your files 'hacked' and that Yahoo were a big help in getting things back in order.

    Tried to find out more about Ms. Ruane's class as I'd be interested, but alas, her blog/website is not forthcoming; neither is her FB page. I learned to embroider long before I learned to quilt and so sometimes put hand stitch into my you will likely find, your new 'hobby' may run over into your quilting...Have fun with it! :-)

  6. Thanks, friends. I posted a direct link to Karen Ruane's blog in a post today. I plan to post my first foray into the art form tomorrow.

    I wish the hassle were over. I am back to not getting my email on my IPhone. Bother!!

  7. I have been following Karen and her work for quite some time and love it!! I'm such a 'hand work' junky!! Can't wait to see what you do in her class!