Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making Progress on the Burr Oak

My progress on the Burr Oak acorn is continuing and slow. Yesterday I finished the bottom and underside of the cap and the acorn itself. At this stage the acorn is looking a bit fleshy. I am using the markers to color in the stencil cut out areas in this first photo.

You can see the freezer paper covering the top of the cap in the second photo. That is where I got to on June 7. And you can see the final progress I made at the end of June 8 in the last photo. I will be ready for a simpler design by the time this is done! Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bur Oak Underway II

This cap is going to be a real challenge to ink and then to quilt. I have between now and May 14 to get the top inked. Then I may be beginning a commission piece that will take a very long time to complete before I can get back to this one.

The last blog entry included the enhanced photo that I created and used for both my working sketch and to help in planning out different shades and colors for inking. I use Tsukineko inks in their various forms to do the inking. The cap threads are being done with Fabrico markers. The cap is being done with the small stamp pads.

Shading makes all the difference in getting the cap threads to lay one over the other. My first step is to ink in the treads with Autumn Leaf Fabrico.

The next step is to go over each thread and make sure that the lines are continuous and filled in. Autumn Leaf is a great color that can be double inked to increase the intensity and begin defining layers.

Then I used Sand to create a bit different and more diffused coloring. Lemon Yellow added highlights. And Chocolate added the depth of shading.

Here is another section that has the cap showing behind the cap threads.

Please let me know if this interesting to you.

Happy quilting.