Thursday, September 1, 2011

Commission Installed at CMC-Mercy Today

At noon today, Mr. Chan Roush, President of CMC-Mercy, unveiled A Kousa for Mercy, the commissioned piece for the Doctors' Lounge. Here is a photo of the piece installed behind a sheet of acrylic, Mr. Roush, and the artist.

This is a photograph of the entry way to the lounge. Love the way the Kousa leaves beckon one into the lounge.

The native American dogwood is much loved, but is dieing from a fungus. Horticulturalists are introducing the Asian Kousa dogwood to replace our dieing natives. Botanists are cross breeding the Asian dogwood that is resistant to the fungal disease with our native dogwood as a way to produce a dogwood with resistance with the look of our native dogwood. This scientific story is still unfolding.

I loved how well this piece conveyed both art and science, that is such a part of medicine today.

Mr. Roush, the administrators at Mercy, and art consultant par excellence, Christie Taylor, have been a delight to work with. If all clients were so well attuned to art and artists, every artist would be willing to do commissions!