Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tools of My Trade

Winter Robins' Feast is coming along. Here are some of the tools I use.

First creating a design based on my photographs and actual specimens, I apply the design to the fabric with inks. Here are the variety of inks that I use. I really like the little 1" square ink pads and the Fabrico markers that have two different points to them. The small round tubes allow me to apply light inking with some subtlety.

Before quilting I pull a variety of threads to use. Some will be used, and others may be added.

My utility knife is wonderfully comfortable in my hand and gets a lot of use in cutting my stencils. I use the back of a cutting mat as the knife will destroy the top of the mat an not heal. It was created by a local artist of wood.

Here is the quilt in a puddle under my new Pfaff. Quilting around the motifs goes slowly. If you look closely you can see one of the quilted berries that is not inked. I call these "ghost" motifs.