Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, Birds and New Work

Snow in trees in our back yard
Like much of the east, we had another snow last night. We awoke to sun on the soft snow in the tree tops. Beautiful.

Kinglet in the feeder
The birds are hungry. This little red-crowned kinglet has been at our feeder for over a month. When he left, chickadees and female bluebirds came by to feed. Before getting remarried, I was a hard core birder travelling across the US from the Dry Tortugas off Florida to Attu Alaska to see new birds. The enjoyment of them is still there, even though I have retired from the hunt. Hope this is not too much digression from quilting.

Cardinal in the holly with berries - poor photographer
I loved the red cardinal and the touches of red berries scattered across the holly. Shame that I am such a poor photographer. Can't figure out how to get the color distortion out. Take a look at what my DH can do with the same camera and from the same window.

Cardinal in holly tree
My DH took this photo. Isn't it luscious? How did he get the great shot with great color and mine look like they were made in the 1920s with a pin hole camera? Enjoy this one.

While we were doing demonstrations at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens last weekend, I worked on the piece below. It has not been quilted. Will share it when it is finished. It is a small piece that I could transport for the demo easily.

Holly Berries
Keep on Quilting