Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elizabeth's Poem on Taupe

Elizabeth Miller and her new taupe fabrics - photo by Grace Howes

Elizabeth Miller was one of my friends who attended the fabric party on Monday. Elizabeth, who has a fabulous stash and creates wonderful bed quilts that span the line between fine craft and art, focused her collection of my fabrics on shades of taupe. I spotted this great photo of her on Grace Howes blog http://www.barnyardchatter.wordpress.com
and Grace generously shared it with me.

Today I received a poem from her inspired by her new fabrics and our weeks of rain, mist and fog.

And with Elizabeth's permission. Here is the poem.

Winter’s Rainbow

Elizabeth T. Miller

With those who see the World in Black and White
And those who only think in tones of Gray,

I tend to disagree.
I love a Rainbow World.

Now, in this Winter of my Artist’s life,
Some cataracts have moved across my eyes.

Yet, still I clearly see
A Rainbow through the Clouds.

For, nestled in this misty fog lives Hope
And Winter’s other name is surely Taupe.

All hues in Taupe I see.
It’s Winter’s gift to me.

Until the surgeon robs me of my haze,
I’ll love this Winter
World of

Enjoy, and Keep Quilting