Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seeds Up Close Exhibition at NC Arboretum Asheville NC

The drive to Asheville was sunny, cool, cloudy, and rainy. Every few miles to the Arboretum brought a different weather. We were met at the door by Tracy and her volunteer assistant, Vanessa.
The galleries are at each entrance to the second floor of the Education Center. Mossy Cup Oak and six other pieces are at the head of the stairs.
More information is at the Arboretum website:

I love the Arboretum and wish it were closer for more frequent visits. They have beautiful architecture, well designed gardens and great education materials even in the design of the buildings. There is really wonderful nature-inspired art on display all the time, both indoors and out.

If you are in the neighborhood of Asheville NC between now and April 7, check it out and please let me know what you think of it. 

I created some framed small works for the gift shop and hope their visitors like them. One is Turkey Feastings similar to my 2012 SAQA donation. The other is Pine Needles 3.

 My husband does my framing and does a lovely job designed to show each piece off really well. Turkey Feastings shows what his work does for my work.

Pine Needles 3 is in a rectangular frame, not shown well in the skewed photo above. The frame is really lovely but my photography is not!

 Here are a couple of informal photos of the installation in progress. Lovely posters are under construction to tell people about the works in the exhibition. Great graphic arts used. These photos are before lighting and labels are set up.

Installation photos