Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World

Martha Sielman's new book: Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World is a feast for the eyes and soul. Art work from more than 70 are featured in gallery sections and a more indepth look is given to 19 artists through photos of their quilts and observations about their backgrounds and signature techniques. 

I am deeply honored to be among the 19 featured artists. It is an amazing experience to have ones artwork so carefully presented and to be among such an esteemed group. Many of my favorite artists are in the book so it almost seems to be a book about my friends. 

This first book in this series by the author and published by Lark Crafts is due out in April. The book features art quilts inspired by the beauty of nature, from flowers and water to birds, animals and insects. Over 450 artists submitted almost 1,200 entries for inclusion in the book, using a wide variety of techniques.

The first chapter - Flowers I - has two artists, Judith Trager and Paula Chung, with 6 pages each of photos of their work, introductory information by Martha Seilman, and background information provided by the artists. This material is followed by 8 pages of gallery photos of different artists. 

I have done my usual quick visual tour through the photos, now I am reading at leisure the content and deeply enjoying the artwork. And it is delightful to get to know the artists in their own words.

I recommend this book highly for both the art viewer, the nature lover, the established quilter and the newbie. All will enjoy.