Friday, September 18, 2009

Festival in the Park Charlotte NC

Since 1964, Festival in the Park has been bringing good music, good art and good times to Charlotteans and visitors from around the world. The sounds of "big band music" drift across Freedom Park's lake whose still surface reflects the lights strung from Camelot exhibit tents.

A new element to FIP will be a tent with twelve emerging artists creating work and talking with Festival goers. I will be one of the 12 artists setting up a studio and gallery of our work. We cannot sell our work and compete with 154 paying artists from all over the country. I am really excited about the opportunity for this exposure.

This is the design I will be creating in my FIP studio. It will be on Heidi Stoll-Weber cotton sateen and inked. It is 3 branches of deciduous holly. Our finished work will be auctioned off by Crossroads Charlotte to help future emerging artists.
Festival runs from Thursday 6pm Sept 24 through Sunday afternoon Sept 27.
My hours at FIP are:
Thursday 6-10 pm
Friday 10 - 2
Saturday 10 - 2, 6-10
Sunday 2- 6
If you are in the area, come take a peek at my booth and see my work in progress.

My head is spinning with making lists of what to take, updating marketing materials, etc. The piece we make is inspired by one of six elements that separate people in our community. The Emerging Artists' Colony is sponsored by Crossroads Charlotte, a program designed to create bridges between different groups, races, ethnicities in our community. My driving force is: Economics.

Anyone with similar experience, what are you glad you did, and what do you wish you had done? Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.

SAQA Visioning Project

Wow. I signed up for the SAQA Visioning Project and really have great expectations for this project.

Around 100 SAQA quilt artists have signed up and made a commitment to publicly commit to one stretch goal for the next 12 months. We will be grouped by types of goals to share, give feedback, and see what action steps others are taking to reach the same goal. Planning includes specific action steps to take and how to measure what we have done.

I made the goal to develop and execute a marketing plan to earn at least $XXXX through sales, commissions, or grants in the next 12 months. I am a little shy about revealing the dollar figure to the whole world. But I will let my followers know if I am reaching the goal or not and why.

Lisa Chipetine, SAQA's new president, is heading this project up and has brought in others to help mentor people around their specific goals.

So far, I find that it is really helping me stay focused on the long range goals and to keep nibbling away at them. It also has helped focus my short term goals so they are steps on the way to the bigger vision.

How do you stay focused on your goals?

Keep Quilting


Machine Quilting Unlimited

I am very excited to be in the September issue of this magazine and being noted on the cover is a bit mind blowing. The story of how this came about is strickly a 21st century phenomenom.

Kit Robinson, the managing editor, saw some of my posts on the FiberartsOptions blog and asked me to write up my quilting process. It is a 3 page article with lots of photographs. Hope you will take a look.

I am really impressed with the magazine's content throughout. I had stopped taking most quilt magazines because the content was not providing me with more than a bit of eye candy. And right now, I am trying to be careful of my resources.

But Machine Quilting Unlimited has good solid articles that are given enough space to be meaningful in the details.

Keep Quilting