Friday, September 18, 2009

SAQA Visioning Project

Wow. I signed up for the SAQA Visioning Project and really have great expectations for this project.

Around 100 SAQA quilt artists have signed up and made a commitment to publicly commit to one stretch goal for the next 12 months. We will be grouped by types of goals to share, give feedback, and see what action steps others are taking to reach the same goal. Planning includes specific action steps to take and how to measure what we have done.

I made the goal to develop and execute a marketing plan to earn at least $XXXX through sales, commissions, or grants in the next 12 months. I am a little shy about revealing the dollar figure to the whole world. But I will let my followers know if I am reaching the goal or not and why.

Lisa Chipetine, SAQA's new president, is heading this project up and has brought in others to help mentor people around their specific goals.

So far, I find that it is really helping me stay focused on the long range goals and to keep nibbling away at them. It also has helped focus my short term goals so they are steps on the way to the bigger vision.

How do you stay focused on your goals?

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  1. I just signed up for this over the weekend. I'm trying to work my way around the wiki page (and figure out where to put my own!). I think my goal will be to become a PAM member, because to me, it encompasses the goals I have been wanting to achieve...acceptance into national shows, sales, solo show, gallery representation (in addition to my current gallery showing). And all of this can't be done until I create more work, in a more mature style, which is something I've hardly been motivated to do for the past year.

  2. Mandi, that sounds like a great goal. PAM membership has done alot for me as has the entire organization. The PAM criteria does encompass alot of what many of us need to do. I just got Jeanne Williamson's book on the original journal quilts. It is a great inspiration for creating lots of small work, learning to improve as one goes, by setting some small consistent goals. Jeanne did a small quilt every week for 7 years. she is now where many of us would like to be in terms of recognition, exhibitions, gallery representation, etc.
    Good luck and thanks for writing.