Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Art to Landscape - Love this book!

Published by Timber Press, 2010

W. Gary Smith has written a terrific book that transcends landscaping and has much to offer any artist willing to look beyond their own genre.

Notes from the back cover include the following:

" Among the inspiring techniques explored by renowned landscape designer and artist Gary Smith:

* Cultivating the art of careful intuition

* Building a visual vocabulary of shapes, forms and patterns

* Sketching, painting and drawing to connect to place

* Taking inspiration from painting, dance, and other art forms

* Infusing your designs with wonder by learning from nature

* Inviting serendipity

Encouraging, personal, and delighting in the creative process, Smith shows you how to develop 'a richness of expression beyond your ability to imagine.' "

I have been reading a couple of books from artists with different perspectives. This book, written for people interested in landscape design, has a lack of jargon that is both refreshing and an easy read.

Of course, I love gardens and the book's chapter (The Garden as Fine Art: H. F. du Pont's Winterthur) is on one of my favorites.

Happy reading,