Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Work by Meadowood Stitched Workshop Participants

Participants in my Meadowood Stitched workshop created some lovely pieces on Saturday at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.

We worked with a large variety of specimens collected by staff from the wonderful gardens. Making choices among all the wonderful seeds, berries and leaves was really difficult.

The first photo is of a buckeye seed pod and dogwood leaves. The next one is a real play with colors to add some intrigue to the pecan and its outer husk.

The next are persimmons with their lush colors just as they begin ripening.

The first set of leaves are from the fothergila shrub in my garden that turns many different shades in the fall.

And the last lovely piece is a compound sumac leaf.

It was a glorious day, we sat outside for a picnic lunch on the veranda.

If you have a chance to take a class at DSBG, the set up is lovely, and you are bound to enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and let the ladies know how much you enjoyed their work.