Friday, August 10, 2012

Give Away - Baby Dresses

Going through boxes in our garage, I found four charming little baby dresses.

They are delightful, white cotton, much hand stitching on them. Some have lace, several have either hand smocking or hand stitched pin tucks. They are fragile from age. They would make interesting additions to a collage or assemblage work.  They are free to a US artist interested in using them.

The first person to leave a comment and their contact information, will get them.

As we go through former treasures, I will pull some to give away on my blog. Stay tuned to see what I discover.                                                                                

 It seems we spend the first half of our lives acquiring, and the last half DE-acquisitioning. We are at that second stage, Big Time!

Leave a note and acquire these lovely pieces.