Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot Rainy and Beautiful – Festival in the Park Update

This week I am restoring my studio to order and drying out. The weekend had it all in the way of weather. Hot and muggy on Thursday and Friday, Saturday drizzled with a down pour that closed the Festival early. Sunday was gorgeous and loads of people came out. But loads of fun overall. Met some really great people and had a chance to catch up on some artists I have met before.

Economics - Crossroads Charlotte

I worked on a new piece for Crossroads Charlotte and finished the inking process. It is a piece on Economics. It is worked on a Heidi Stoll Weber hand dyed cotton sateen with Tsukineko inks.

Contest: A prize is offered to the person who leaves a comment with the best explanation of how this piece conveys economics and how economics divides people in our communities – by October 10, 2009. In case of tied entries, the first date and time stamp will win.

Win what you ask? A yummy piece of hand dyed shibori by yours truly in blues, maroon and red. It is a cotton fat quarter.

One of my personal goals is to help educate the public about quilts as art and work that is displayed on walls. Most of the viewers at my FIP studio were totally unfamiliar with quilts as art. It was a good opportunity in furthering this goal.

Several folks left cards and I will have lots of follow-up to do this week.

Keep quilting


  1. I'm the first comment??

    I'm not one to read much into the art I look at.... I just see the beauty, especially the beauty of nature....

    If I think about this piece, I see the abundant branch like those who have more, the wealthy, standing out more than the others... The sparse branch would be those who have the least, but they are seen more than the middle branch. The middle class can be somewhat overlooked.... Not the most needy, not super wealthy, just hanging in there....

    I'm not great with words.... I really love your Seed Play series on your website!!

  2. the lower hanging fruit is most in our class economy...those with at the lower and lowest ends are the most vulnerable and the wealth is concetrated at the top and does not trickle down but the tree has the appearance of seeminly doing very well.