Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Small Works Underway

Rhoddy Small

Having completed a series of work all about size 38'' x 28'', I figured it was time to do something smaller to put in a local art show for small works for gifts. I want to use essentially the same style of work, just more close up and smaller. These are all going to be small enough to fit into an 11'' x 14'' frame. This design is inspired by the seed pods of the rhododendron tree.

Pine Small

People unfamiliar with fiber art seem more comfortable with work that is framed. This will be an experiment to see if they sell for Christmas.
Creating the templates and inking the pine cone was a challenge. This is a trial piece for a larger work. What do you think?

Juniperus Small

These little works went really fast because I printed the designs directly onto Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets by C & T Publishing. I will use this product alot more. They are cut to run through a standard printer and made creating my freezer paper templates for inking the design really easy.

Let me know what you think of these designs.

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  1. I like the first two, the colors and composition. The blue circle on the third, I assume, is a juniper berry. Maybe my brain is filled with early Thanksgiving Day fuzz, but the first thing I thought I saw when viewing that was a naked butt! Aaaack! (sorry)

  2. Further thought, most likely I am just weird. Up to now, I never thought I had perv tendencies, but now I am concerned about myself...

  3. I like the first two also. They are delicate and appealing. I don't care for the blue one because it isn't very interesting. I read the comment that said it looked like a naked butt......looked at it again, and laughed out loud. Sorry, now that you mention does! Nancy, hope that you have a sense of humor!

  4. I like the first one since it feels 'new' to me. I also like the subtle (in the pic anyway)grid pattern in the background.

  5. Yes, I have a sense of humor and even enjoy a fun poke at myself. Must admit that the third one will be changed to make it less a butt of jokes. I do like a bit of humor in my work, butt generally not that kind. Thanks all for looking and your comments. Fresh eyes really help. Nancy