Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Be Still My Heart

This is the first piece.

Just got my newest batch of Heidi Stoll Weber fabrics. As usual they are luscious and she sent lots for me to chose from.

I use her hand dyed cotton sateen fabrics exclusively for my current series: Seed Play. Her fabrics are both luscious with rich colors but soft enough that I can ink my designs onto them with semi transparent inks.

My next group will be on native plants and I wanted enough that I can do a group of 3 coordinated pieces. So Heidi sent me lots of luscious fabric to choose from. Her fabrics always put me in a dilemma of wanting more than I can justify buying.


  1. Her fabric is beautiful... how do you order it? Does she just send a big box??? There was no pricing information or yardage (meters) or anything on her website. I know Carol Taylor also uses her fabric, as does another artist from RI who's name is escaping me at the moment. I think the Sateen Sheen would look great with my Laura Wasilowski collection.

  2. Yes, please share how to get her fabrics....

  3. I have been buying her fabric for years, generally through QSDS in Columbus OH. Heide comes to the US occasionally and teaches dyeing classes. She was recently in Columbus and sent me a box. I email her what I need and she sends some for me to select from. Sometimes friends purchase what I am not able to buy.

    I emailed Heide to see how she might be able to handle requests. Will post her answer on this blog.