Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Treasures from Trash

Just finished quilting 2 new quilts and pulling the basting threads. YAAAA!

Every time I do this, I have a lovely pile of clipped threads where I start and end my stitching and the pulled basting threads.

I used to save them, thinking that I would use them. Humbly I know that that will never happen. So now I just want them to go somewhere they can be used. They are perfect for felters.

If you are interested, let me know and I will send the first person who asks for them where US mail reaches.

Send your name and snail mail address to me by email and make a donation to your favorite non profit -- honor system.



  1. I usually put them out for the birds ;-) V

  2. Hi, Vivika,
    If I had less, I would, but this is a batch. Nancy

  3. Gorgeous work! Would you like to link blogs and websites?

  4. Roxane, thanks for the kind comment.

    Yes, linking would be fine. I can link on my blog, but I will need to send the information to my webmaster for linking websites.

    Please send your link information to: ngcook1@bellsouth.net


  5. Hi Nancy
    If you haven't found a home for the threads, let me know. I know of how to use them.