Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review for Point, Click, Quilt!

Susan Brubaker Knapp has written a book that is a feast for the eyes and provides 16 projects that will develop skills for the quilt artist. The book is well organized with some basic art element information at the beginning and some simple but meaningful exercises to develop ones' eye for what will make a good photograph. She even has suggestions for how to store photographs for later inspiration.

Following the introductory chapters, Brubaker Knapp gives patterns and detailed instructions on using her techniques in acrylic painting and thread painting to reproduce the 16 projects. Throughout the book are her wonderful photos and details of her quilts. Eye candy at its best.

Susan's background in journalism and graphic arts prior to being a full-time professional quilt artist is apparent in the well written book and her designs. The book is a delight to read- fresh, breezy, and substantial at the same time. No mean feat!

There is a nine page gallery in the back of book of work by other artists who use photographs to produce their artwork. For each of these quilts, the photograph that inspired the work is also given. Some produce works that are copies of the photos, others make major changes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves photography, beginners and intermediate skilled art quilters, and those who want to increase their composition skills.

In full disclosure, Susan is a friend, and one of my quilts is in the gallery.



  1. Awww, thanks for the fabulous review, Nancy. I'm thrilled that you allowed me to share your work in the gallery section!

  2. sounds like I need to add this book to my "want" list!

  3. My pleasure, Susan, it is a great book. Delighted to be associated with it.