Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall in Charlotte

The fall colors have never seemed brighter than this year. DH and I spent sunny hours driving around and taking photos to remember through the winter months. I will share some here and some on my Facebook page.

Please let me know if I should share more.



  1. Beautiful, Nancy! Our leaves are all down and it is grey here today. I love them!

  2. these are awesome -- it's amazing all the many different reds, yellows and oranges the trees put on before the leaves drop -- and the colors in different areas are so different -- we don't get much in the reds here in our area of the Rocky Mountains, so I'm really enjoying your pictures

    lots of quilt inspiration here!! thanks

  3. Stunning Nancy! Wish I were there...

  4. Thanks, ladies. Most of the leaves have fallen now. A few days really makes a difference.