Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Does Art Look on Walls of Color?

The 2012 Handcrafted Exhibition at Maria V. Howard Art Center is now history. Before it closed, Catherine Lloyd arranged photography of Mossy Cup Oak: Quercus Macrocarpa while it was still on the red wall at the entry of the upstairs gallery. I love what the deep red wall does for the piece.

The amount of breathing room allowed artwork in these galleries is wonderful. You can really focus on one piece of art at a time. This was a great juried exhibition of high craft that moves directly into the art world. It was really exciting that a wonderful piece of fiber -- a tapestry - took best of show.

This is the second time that I have seen this recurring juried exhibition of artists from across the country, and it is now on my calendar to see again. While I love art in general, I find that I am more and more drawn to high craft to view for pleasure and admiration.



  1. "High craft": I like that. I think I'll aim for that instead of "fine art". :-)

    P.S. Yes, the red walls really set that piece off! If someone bought it, would they feel compelled to paint their walls red? ;-)

  2. It is as though those walls were painted just for your piece. And, I have to agree with Margaret, I really like the phrase 'high craft.'

  3. Wow, that piece looks wonderful on that red wall --- even though I work with color a lot, it still amazes me how different things are influenced by being backed with different color

    and I think "high craft" is required to create "fine art"

  4. My question to the art director was "Did you paint the wall to go with my art?" Her response was no, but it looked like I created the art to go on the wall. I told my DH that we needed a red wall when it got home!

  5. Oh my gosh it is stunning Nancy! Isn't a good surprise fun?

  6. Thanks, Jenny. Yes, I was stunned when I first saw the piece on that gorgeous red wall. As nice a surprise as I have had recently.