Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Workshop with Jane LaFazio at Random Arts

Sketch and watercolor of beets

Had a great time with Jane LaFazio and my classmates at Random Arts on Sunday. Learned some techniques for making stamps of stylized designs. The black design is from the stamp I created in the workshop. Love the contrast of the green leaves and the red veins and stems.


  1. I am in awe. One legend taking lessons from another. Wonderful, inspiring, amazing, lovely!

  2. I love working with stamps -- I've done a few -- mostly African animals and leaves -- and the colored beets are very nice

    looking forward to seeing what you create with this new skill!

  3. gorgeous - so simple and so lovely!

  4. love the beets!

    stamps are a lot of fun -- I've done a whole series of African animals and I've really enjoyed the whole process

    I think you'll enjoy finding new ways to use them

  5. It was so nice having your join us here Ms.Nancy. Your work was an inspiration to me. Thanks for being here.

  6. so beautiful!! I can't wait to see what becomes of your beet stamp...great seeing you again..