Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Backyard Bird Count

I took part this weekend in the Great Backyard Bird Count. giving me a great excuse to sit in the kitchen with binoculars and watch the birds coming to the feeder and the side yard over the creek.

Here are some of the photos. Enjoy and let me know if you enjoy birds.


Eastern Bluebird pair - we have 3 pair who frequent our yard

this mockingbird guards the feeder and chases off the robin who likes to come and stay

Great to get a shot of the red belly that this woodpecker is named for

Pine warbler sharing the feeder with a bluebird


  1. I love seeing birds from different countries. they are so different from ours, they appear almost exotic! Love the blue of the bluebird. And it was so hot here today that it cools me down just to see a picture of snow ;)

  2. how cool! this time of year the birds we see are the crows and the geese that never migrate -- way too early for my finches, wrens and robins!

    thanks for sharing these great pictures

  3. Interesting to see what birds you get. Right now we have blue jays, chickadees, house sparrows (pests!) and sometimes crowds of wax-wings, with their beautiful head-dress and yellow-tipped tails, who come not to the feeders but to the frozen, fermented fruit on the ornamental trees and Mountain Ash. I was very uneducated about birds till I moved out of the city; I still have a lot of learning to do!

  4. What a treat! Thanks for sharing your feathered friends.

  5. Glad you enjoyed these. We have feeders going all year long and enjoy them so much.

  6. We counted, too, and have some of these birds in our valley but they don't come to our feeders. What are you using in your feeders?
    Love the images --

  7. Amy,

    we put a commercial suet mixture out that contains some seeds, berries, and sometimes peanut butter or dried insects. That brings in the bluebirds, warblers, brown thrashers, hermit thrushes and kinglets.

    we also put out a seed mixture that includes nuts and berries.