Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SAQA Donation Quilt Underway

For the last several years I have participated in the SAQA art quilt auction by donating a piece of my work. They are all 12' x 12" and the finished pieces are posted on the SAQA website. Each year they raise more money to help SAQA with exhibitions featuring art quilts from around the world. Last year they raised over $50,000.  It is one of the few places I am willing to donate my art. Other places get other stuff or money when I have it.

This year I am basing the piece on one of my watercolor sketches. Let me know what you think of it.

I found the color variations in these onions to be quite intriguing. And If I had drawn from memory, I would not have put the lateral lines in, but they are there. The shape of the two was different, one flatter and one more rounded.



  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Sorry you won't be in Santa Fe with Margaret and myself. Will miss catching up with you.

  2. I think the color variations will translate well into cloth and thread, I bet it will be a fun piece to make. It's a very pleasing color sketch.

  3. I'm struck by their resemblance to pumpkins...albeit smaller and flatter, and with more 'striations'. Never thought about that before.

    Sorry we won't see you in Santa Fe...Hugs!

  4. Yellow onions do look a lot like pumpkins when painted, just a bit more yellow than orange, and more striations.

    Wish I could be at Santa Fe. DH was scheduled for surgery on March 26 with a 4-6 day hospital stay. Not knowing what the actual results would be I could not make a commitment for the SAQA conference. His surgery has been postponed - good news and good reasons - and I am disappointed that I cannot be there with you. have a great time. I love Santa Fe and would love to see the place again with friends and when the place might want to be fiber friendly.

  5. I love this sketch Nancy, and I can't wait to see the finished picture in fiber!

    Good news for your DH -- but I'm very disappointed that I won't get to see you in Santa Fe -- maybe in a couple of years (I'm not likely to get to come to Washington DC next year)

  6. Oh I didn't know you wouldn't be in Santa Fe until I read the other's comments-we'll miss you!! I love the onion sketch and it will make a fine SAQA donation. I have two of your SAQA donations and was annoyed to not win it last year, giggle. I'll try again.