Friday, May 17, 2013

Saturday - Big Day at Random Arts Saluda NC

Packing up the car today with boxes and bins and bags of art supplies to take to the art sale at Random Arts tomorrow. The car will be so filled that it will pull hard going up the mountain to Saluda! Check it out here;

Putting lots of like items together to make it easier on the shopper.

I think I have something for every type of artist - painter, sketcher, dyer, collager, quilter - traditional, crazy and contemporary.

Had fun yesterday with a friend putting together some packages of materials that will be great for collagers, mixed media, quilters, even crazy quilters. Here are some photos of some of those packages. Sorry for the glare they are in 1 gallon containers. Each has some special hand dyed fabrics, assorted related fabrics, embellishments, threads and beads.

Another friend is coming over today to help me package and price.

Any suggestions for pricing on these 1 gallon packages?

Would love to have your comments. It helps me know that I am not talking to myself. If you have the time, please leave a comment.



  1. I have no idea what you should charge, Nancy ...especially as I no longer have an image of what a gallon is...moreover, a US gallon, which is different from the Imperial we used to use here. Are the packets 8" x 10"? Or how many pounds are they? Perhaps they could be priced by the pound?

    They look so tempting you might just get asked for online orders!

    Have a successful sale!

  2. Hi Nancy
    I am definitely following you now that I have organized my Feedly app so I can follow Vision people, etc as a group. I am on a break from the Vision Page. I think your bags are a great idea. Can't really suggest how to price them as I don't really know what is in them At our annual quilt show people tend to sell fabric at about $4 a yard I would guess.
    Best of luck!