Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art Meets Science

Art Meets Science Catalog

Just received the catalog from the SAQA juried exhibition Art Meets Science. One of my pieces, Southern Hospitality, is a part of this traveling exhibition. Reading the catalog filled me with tremendous pride.

The curator, Jill Jensen, has hit this exhibition effort and catalog out of the ball park. Her training in science and her own work as a fiber artist give her the background for making this a truly special work. Jill first floated this idea on the SAQA Yahoo group, and received much support for the concept. The concept is great, the execution of the concept is equal to the task, and the results are sterling.

Her selected Juror, David W. Fraser, MD, has a unique and extensive background in both science and art and his juror's statement is pure poetry. His selections provide a well-rounded, strong exhibition of consistent quality. His observations on traditional and art quilt similarities and differences are worth pondering.

Deidre Adams has done her usually superb job of catalog design. Each quilt is given a full page photo with title and sizes. On the facing page is the artist's name, city and state or country and the artist statement. Quilts are presented in alphabetical order by the artist's name which makes this little volume easy to reference.
The selected artists are from across the US, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

Most of the pieces in the exhibition are for sale on the SAQA on line store. All in all, everyone involved is to be congratulated on this exhibition and the fine catalog. Congratulations, SAQA.



  1. SAQA exhibitions are always a class act, so I would expect nothing less. Congrats, Nancy on being included in the juried exhibition.

  2. Jean, thanks for the comment. Deidre did a fantastic job on the catalog.

    You are right about SAQA exhibitions. I have art friends from other media that are quite envious of all we get from SAQA.