Thursday, September 2, 2010

Help!! Need a Name for New Quilt

I am entering three quilts into the Quilt National Competition and am brain dead in thinking up a name for the third one. They are all in my Seed Play series.

The first is of deciduous holly berries and is named
Mockingbird's Larder.

The second is of the Asian Kousa Dogwood that is being used to replace our native dogwoods that are succumbing to a viral infection. It is called
Kousa: A New Dogwood's in Town.

The last one is of a shattering seed cluster of the tulip poplar and several insect eaten leaves. I am showing a small version above. Obviously, it is not the actual design and piece for required security reasons but gives some information to help with naming it.

Please, put on your thinking cap and help me name it. Names I am considering are: Summer Shattering; A Different Tulip.

All suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks a batch,


  1. Tulip Traces ?
    The quilt looks stunning.

  2. Tulip Popular: Hidden Blooms of Summer

  3. Nancy 3 titles came to me immediately, I sometimes react in odd ways to things, so what the sample triggered for me are these 3 thoughts:
    "Nature Dance on Water"- the background reminds me of water with trees reflecting in it so I thought of leaves and buds floating on water...
    "Before The Fall" - because of the leaves not yet turned color but are insect eaten and clearly on their way out...
    "Mingle" - can't explain why but this was the first one word response that popped into my head to the sample


  4. eeek. Isn't QN the show that disqualifies you if you've published photos of the piece anywhere - including a blog? Hope I'm wrong. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work!

  5. oh - I should read instead of just looking at the pictures.
    Why not just call it Tulip Poplar?

  6. Ladies, these are great.
    Lyric, thanks for the concern. This is not a photo of the piece I am entering but a small sample piece that has some of the same elements.

    Thanks for the kind comments.

  7. Nancy - I just love your work. How about
    "Next Generation".

  8. Orange you glad...

  9. You folks are good!! There is gold in here. Thanks, Nancy

  10. I love these trees. To me the bloom looks like a votive cup and when the sun shines through them they really look like there is candle light inside. I also love these trees because they are such a lovely deep yellow in fall and their leaves hang on long after the maples are all gone. I don't know if this is of any help but the small glimpse gave me pleasure and I need to take time to walk about 1/2 mile to my closest poplar and see what is going on with it just now. Thank you, Annie Dehgan "Nature's Prayer"?

  11. Annie, you have captured much of what I love about the tree. Only when I started focusing on tree seeds did I learn that they retain some seeds on the tree into the next year. That gives them more chances that some seeds will find a good time for germination. The more deeply I get into studying tree seeds the more wonder and awe I experience.

    Thanks all for some great suggestions. You never let me down.


  12. First thing that popped into my head when I saw the piece was Fire on the Water. Good luck with your entries!!

  13. Thanks, appreciate all the suggestions. Really helpful, I appreciate all the ideas, and humor. Nancy

  14. Nancy, I so love your work!
    What about "Echoes of Summer" or "Echoes of Tulip's Summer" since you have quite a bit of echo quilting and this depicts the tree in it's last bit of glory:)
    GOOD LUCK...not that you need it:)

  15. Thank you all. This has been tremendously helpful and a lot of fun - for you as well as me, I hope.
    Some of the names sent to me directly were;
    liriodendron tulipifera
    Tulips? On a Tree?
    Two Lips on a Tree?
    A Hint of Autumn
    The Coming of Autumn
    Next Generation
    Before the Fall
    Tree Sex
    Poplar-shattered Tulip
    Sky Tulip
    Leaf Me Alone
    Lunch is Served

    Aren't these names great? Being a closet Myers-Briggs extrovert, it always helps me make a tough decision by talking it out with friends. Usually the name has popped into my brain before the quilt is finished. This one did not.

    And as I analyzed the names suggested, I realized that one of the reasons for the toughness is that I am planning a series on this special tree, so it needed something that would stand out from the rest of the series.

    One of the things unique about this tree is there are buds,open flowers, forming seed clusters, and last year's somewhat shattered seed clusters on the tree all at the same time.

    The piece above has this year's bud and last year's seed cluster on the same branch. A Title like Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow rings in my brain for the series.

    The title for this one will be:

    Echoes of Tulip's Summer

    Robin picked up on the echo quilting in the background. I liked the reference.

    THANK YOU, Thank you all for the help.

  16. Oops, and I another series of names:
    Tulip, gnawed and cracked
    Moth-eaten and shattered
    Tulip = A Light summer lunch
    Cool and Green and Shattered
    Cool and Green and Chewed
    Cool and Green and Shady and Chewed

    These are wonderful. I am saving all the names suggested for ideas for my series. They will make my next Naming project go quicker.

    Thanks again,

  17. Nancy,
    What an honor to help you name your series.
    Thank you:)
    I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

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