Saturday, January 22, 2011

Telling it All at Mint Hill Arts

Mint Hill Arts, Mint Hill NC, invited me to talk about my work, show some of it and then demonstrate how I create my work.

Folks there are not very familiar with textile art, so it should be fun.

I am bringing some of the wonderful seeds that are my inspiration, some of my newest work and will be showing how I work create my stencils and work with inks.

This is Tuesday 7-9 PM January 25 2011.

if you are in the area hope you will come by and participate.



  1. Wish I could be there but it is my dads 86th birthday. Hope the weather holds out for you.
    I have a huge collection of pictures of seed pods and dried leaves and and...I am copying to DVD's this wekend, 22,000 photos. If interested in my clay and photos check out my blog.
    Ill see you around MHA. Love your work!

  2. Max, please congratulate your dad and wish him well for me.

    Love the photos. Your use of eggs is magical. And you have collected some of my favorite seed pods. I am working on a series on the teasel right now, and have a design of the bur oak to work on then.