Friday, July 8, 2011

New Commission Underway

CMC- Mercy Hospital commissioned me to create a gift for the doctors' lounge.

Christie Taylor of Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy presented my work and other artists to the hospital. The hospital, where my husband was born, is undergoing renovation. As each area is renovated, new art work from regional artists is selected to grace the area. Some of my favorite artists are represented, including a fabulous fig tree by Micheal Sherrill in the entry area that is large enough to sit under. It is an honor to be creating a piece that will be in such great company.

Several aspects made creating the initial designs easier. One, I was able to see the exact location and environment where the art would be hung. Secondly, I was told which piece of my art work most represented what they wanted.

Working from my photographs of a couple of different species, I created designs and selected possible fabrics for the piece. The hospital selected a design based on the Kousa Dogwood so I am ready to proceed.

This is a photo of the a branch of the Kousa Dogwood from my garden. Next time I will share some information about this tree and why it seemed so appropriate for a health care setting.