Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Kousa is Coming to the Doctors' Lounge at CMC-Mercy Hospital

The Kousa Dogwood is a lovely understory tree that is Asian in origin. As our native Flowering Dogwood increasingly succumbs to a disease called Dogwood anthracnose, tree specialists are recommending that when necessary to replace our natives that we use the Kousa Dogwood with a similar flower. The Kousa is much more resistant to disease than our native.

The Kousa's flower is generally pointed at the ends, unlike our native, and blooms about 4-7 weeks later in the spring. The berry is quite different, looking more like a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry. It is edible, but not particularly flavorful.
Leaves and tree structure are quite similar to our native.

Given the tree's good disease resistance, it seems a natural choice for a doctor's lounge. My design for the lounge is based on photographs and specimens from my garden. I find the leaves to have lovely rhythm to them and the berry is a marvel.