Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art for Art

Last week I picked up my artwork at the NC Arboretum minus one piece.

Southern Hospitality sold! It is always lovely when someone responds to my work with enough commitment they want to take it to live with them. And when they chose a favorite, it is even better.
This piece traveled to Britain, France, NY NY, CA and Atlanta. It is better traveled than I am.

One of the traditions I started is that when I sell a full size piece of art, i buy art from another artist - either directly or in a gallery.  This time I fell in love with jewelry by Michael Michaud for Silver Seasons. It is inspired by the vivid purple bean of the lablab purpureus, known at the Purple Hyacinth - a vine.

The beans are purple hand cast glass supported by patinaed bronze.Wearing a seed form really appeals to me.  Love the shapes and the color (not showing well in my photo) is great.

How do you celebrate?



  1. Now that's a great idea, Nancy -- 'art for art'. Having just sold a piece, and having to spend 3 days at an art show next weekend (awwww!), I have no doubt I too can find just the right thing to celebrate. :-)

  2. I highly recommend it. Have a great time.

  3. Southern Hospitality is just beautiful. The colors glow!

  4. hmm, I've never actually sold one of my art quilts, but whenever I sell a piece of jewelry I tend to buy more materials to make more art -- either quilts or jewelry

    for me it's more about the creating than the having, so I'm not good at buying art

    I need to think about this more

  5. Congratulations Nancy! I think you should celebrate by going to the SAQA conference in Santa Fe-see you there!

  6. Bev, I figure that artists need to support artists when we can.

    Jenny, wish I could. They filled up before I could make a commitment. DH was supposed to be operated on this spring and would have been still recuperating. Surgery got postponed but too late for Santa Fe.
    I am looking for something special and arty to do however -- something that still has openings.

  7. Congratulations Nancy! And I love the tradition of celebration that you use. Think I'll adopt it for myself. Franki